Elmbrook is a small kennels accommodating 42 dogs enabling us to give lots of attention to your pet. We exercise all of our residents individually [unless from the same family] three times daily. We do not just leave your dog to run on its own in a pen. However we do appreciate how important it is for your pets to have some play time. So in addition to their walks we offer the opportunity for free running exercise in a secure paddock. During this time we have an enrichment plan in place where we can play sniff and search games, as well as playing with doggy toys.

We understand, being pet owners ourselves that leaving them behind while you attend to other things is hard, but during the hours of 10am and 3.00pm we run an open house policy so you may call in and visit us and see the routine we have here between those hours.


Here at Elmbrook we can accommodate all breeds and sizes of dogs, so if you are as crazy about dogs as we are and have more than one dog, we can accommodate dogs from the same family in one kennel. The kennels are centrally heated and are kept to an extremely high standard of hygiene. All our floors are either tiled or have polysafe flooring.

We understand that leaving your pet in kennels can be an emotional event within a family so wherever possible we try to mimic your pets normal home routine be that walks, treats and feeding times, so there is as little disruption to your pet as possible.

We provide raised Kuranda beds for most dogs, but for smaller dogs we used an appropriate size basket. We use Vet Bed as bedding for your dog, as these can be washed daily to keep your pet fresh and clean. Many owners would prefer to bring their dogs own familiar bed and that is fine as well. This all helps the settling in process.

You are welcome to bring any safe toys your dog, however due to health concerns & information from our veterinary practice, we no longer accept kongs (or similar toys), rawhide or cooked bones.


We do ask that owners ensure that their dogs are fully up to date with their vaccinations, including kennel cough, and that these have been administered 3 weeks prior to their stay with us. Vaccination certificates should be brought with you on the day of arrival.

For those who do not have yearly boosters then proof of Titer Testing will be required prior to boarding.

All staff have first aid training. Medications can be administered on your behalf during their stay with us. Even injections can be given at no extra cost. We would ask that all prescription only medicines (POM) come in their original packaging with the dosing instructions as given by the vet. A medication chart will be generated and will be signed as correct by you. As the medication is given it will be recorded and signed by the person administrating the medication on the chart.


In the rare and unfortunate event of your pet becoming ill while staying with us we will not hesitate to seek veterinary advice immediately. You can be assured that should this happen our insurance will normally cover any vets bill up to £2.000. Our insurance would not cover any pre-existing conditions.

If your pet requires veterinary treatment we will consult our normal vets Spring Lodge Veterinary Hospital.


We appreciate that all pets have different individual taste and we will always try to cater on an individual basis. We have in stock CSJ Adult Champ which is an award winning dry food. We also use Natural Instinct raw food. We are happy for people to provide their dogs own food. We will enquire about your dog’s diet and times of feeding. A daily feeding list is generated each day and adhered to by the staff.

How often are my dogs taken out?

All our guests are walked individually 3 times a day in our 5 acre paddock. We do not walk your pet with any other dogs. In addition to this we have a smaller enclosed paddock where your dog can have free run time in addition to their walks. We have an enrichment plan for these times when we can play sniff and search games.


  • Central heating
  • Large grounds
  • Dogs walked 3 times a day
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Opening Times

Our opening times are as follows 8am to 5pm every day